A three day retreat
brain, body and business.

Join a Tribe of Leaders
Unplug, Upskill and RESET
Remove frustration by getting alignment


  • 2 nights accomodation, all meals, drinks and activities.

  • DISC, Strengths and Infinite iGOALS profiling

  • Group and one on one training

  • Customised goal setting

  • Accountability groups

  • Andy Ginn Fitness Bootcamp.

  • 30 day Swish Academy membership with 450hrs of content.

  • 4 week FREE access to Andy Ginn Fitness App.

  • 2 Post event Group Coaching sessions to cement learnings.

  • Bonfire bonding 

  • Yoga and……….more


28th - 30th Aug 2021


Austinvilla Estate, QLD 4213

Limited seats

20 Remaining

A PRYMAL RESET is about becoming a better leader and a healthier, happier human. When we turn up as the best version of ourselves, the world is a better place because we are in it.

Using a combination of ancient wisdom, human physiology and modern neuroscience you will discover a stress free way to change habits. The workshops are challenging, confronting and interactive.

You need to know the RULES
The Prymal RESET is about understanding motivation from a core, evolutionary and primal level.
It's about knowing what drives each of us
It's Prymal with a why.


Recharge your powerhouse to fuel progression.
  1. RESET your relationship with stress.
  2. Stress FREE habit change. Find out how to alter your habits the easy way.
  3. Discover your infinite goals. The characteristics of the better version of you.


Rejuvenate and strengthen your body to tackle your goals with vigour and enthusiasm.

Bodyscience head trainer Andy Ginn will give each individual a customised plan to upgrade their strength, stamina and focus.


The final piece in our holy trinity, which falls into place once the previous two are balanced and aligned.
  1. Discover Stress FREE ethical sales tools that give you the power of persuasion.
  2. Uncover your energy leaks and show up in the right frame of mind every day.
  3. Become the leader you always wished you had. Great leaders make great leaders; the Prymal RESET will show you how.

“What got you to here, won’t get you to there”
The PRYMAL RESET will show you what will

So much of our day to day life is spent on auto pilot, being guided by our past actions and habits. Repeating the same routines and getting the same results.

Prymal Reset is for those seeking more.

Over three days, every routine and practice in your daily program is focused on creating clarity.
Identify what the ideal “future you” looks like and begin your journey towards it as we provide all of the tools, confidence and guidance you need to instil real change. Eliminate parts of your life that are working against you and preventing you from unlocking your peak potential.

Hosted by our team of
Expert Speakers

Luke Mathers

Author, Stress Teflon.

Luke Mathers is positive of two things: You can’t lead if you are no good at stress, and The first person you have got to lead is yourself…

Ryan Tuckwood

Founder Swish sales coaching

Widely regarded as the #1 ethical sales coach on the planet…

Andy Ginn

professional athlete & trainer

You can’t have a world class mind in a second class body. Andy Ginn can hone both of them.…

Reset your stress habits. Get comfortable with discomfort.

Imagine a life where stresses are seen as challenges. A place where differences of opinion are encouraged, challenges are embraced and you and your tribe fire-up to jump the next hurdle together.

Unwind anxiety. Unlock creativity. End self sabotage.

The modern world is changing daily. A PRYMAL RESET will give you an understanding of how humans tick, and you will use that knowledge to promote health, happiness and success in a world that is constantly changing.

Sleep better. Improve focus. Stop unhelpful thought habits.

For centuries, tribes around the world have known the secrets to change. The modern world has forgotten these lessons. A Prymal Reset will upgrade your motivation, find untapped energy and delete thought habits that are no longer helpful.

Learn to eliminate distractions, improve sleep, and wrangle your phone addiction. When you master the skills of being truly present you will find the flow and performance that come with a focused mind.

The ultimate escape for a Renewed Perspective

Build a Tribe

Connect with high-performing professionals and fellow leaders seeking betterment in all aspects of their lives. BUILD YOUR TRIBE!

Upgrade Habits

Break your daily routine and immerse yourself in our workshops designed to rewire your thinking and unlearn unhelpful habits.

No Distractions

Silence all distractions and background noise as you retreat to the peaceful and secluded Austinvilla Estate for the ultimate escape.

Join a tribe of leaders at this exclusive 3 day event

What 3 day elite, transformational workshop

When August 28th - 30th, 2021

Where Austinvilla Estates

Limited places available. Book now to secure your spot.

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